Tilley Pearsall Genealogy Database

Chromosome Maps

The inheritance of DNA from our four grandparents to the six of us grandchildren. 

Paternal:  Chester Burdick Pearsall (Chet) and Roxana (Pratt) Pearsall

Maternal: Milton Popple Tilley and Winifred (Holly) Tilley

If you know what chromosome and segment you match one of us on, you can estimate which grandparent line the match falls into, based on the megabase numbers below the graphs.

There is a very interesting phenomenon in chromosome recombination:  The maternal chromosomes recombine at a frequency about double the paternal chromosomes.  Here is a list of the total number of recombinations for each sibling, Paternal/Maternal:

  Holly Mase John Jim Deb Dick
Paternal 31 25 28 20 25 20
Maternal 52 54 48 48 43 42

Sometimes a chromosome will be passed intact, without any recombinations, from parent to child.  For the six of us, this happened a total of 35 times with paternal chromosomes and only 8 times with maternal chromosomes.