Tilley Pearsall Genealogy Database

Living DNA Ethnicity

Both I, Holly (Pearsall) Kilpatrick, and my mother, Winifred (Tilley) Pearsall, submitted an autosomal DNA test to a British testing company, Living DNA.

Living DNA breaks their ethnicity estimates down into many UK regions, which is very interesting because we both have majority colonial English ancestry.

On the ethnicity map images, I have annotated the percentage of DNA from the major regions.  In general it would be expected that I, the daughter, would have about half the amount of DNA as my mother from the various areas.  That can be seen in Northeast Scotland, for example, where she has 4.5 and I have 2.1.  Evidently I don't have a paternal ancestor from that region.

Any areas where I have significant DNA and she has none, reflect DNA inherited from my paternal side.

Living DNA gives very good write-ups for each UK region, going back to times of ancient migrations after the Ice Ages and moving forwards through the centuries.  Americans with extensive English colonial ancestry may find a Living DNA test fun.