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David Brown Tilley, Jr.

M, #656


FatherDavid Brown Tilley (b. 30 October 1928, d. 3 April 1989)
MotherAlice Crane Pearsall (b. 2 November 1924, d. 15 January 2006)


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Milton Popple Tilley

M, #657, b. 13 January 1882, d. 5 May 1981


FatherHerbert Charles Tilley (b. 27 September 1860, d. 30 December 1943)
MotherNevada Brown (b. 7 March 1860, d. 3 January 1946)

Family: Winifred Lulu Holly (b. 16 March 1890, d. 23 June 1980)

SonHenry Raymond Tilley+ (b. 8 April 1919, d. 13 March 1956)
DaughterWinifred Nevada Tilley+ (b. 15 March 1923, d. 13 October 2022)
DaughterCelinda Barker Tilley+ (b. 4 August 1924, d. 19 July 2022)
SonDavid Brown Tilley+ (b. 30 October 1928, d. 3 April 1989)
SonJohn Milton Tilley+ (b. 30 October 1928, d. 25 September 2013)


Birth13 January 1882Milton Popple Tilley was born on 13 January 1882 in Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island.
Census1910He appeared in the household of Herbert Charles Tilley in the census 1910 at 133 Grace Church Street in Rye, Westchester County, New York. Herbert is listed as Herbert (Head, age 49, married 29 years, b. RI and parents also, House Carpenter, rents home)
Nevada (Wife, age 50, 11 children, 6 living, b. Nevada, parents b. Rhode Island)
Milton P. (Son, age 28, single, b. RI, Architectural draftsman)
Arnold B. (Son, single, age 19, b. RI, Forman, Bolt Works)
Herbert Jr. (Son, single, age 17, b. RI, Messenger, Bolt Works)
Essie W. (Daughter, single, age 16, b. RI, attends school)
Lawrence S. (Son, single, age 15, b. RI, attends school)
Gladys B. (Daughter, single, age 7, attends school, "read or write" columns are left blank.)
Brown, Esmeralda (Sister-in-law, age 46, Single, born in Rhode Island and parents also)
Maloney, James (Servant, age 28, single, born in Ireland and parents also, immigrated in 1907, Alien, automobile chaufer)
Anecdoteabout 1912About 1912: One of the places that Milton worked as an architect/contractor for United Fruit, was Camaguey, Cuba. He had a Spanish dictionary, dated 1912, inscribed "Milton P. Tilley, Hotel Camaguey, Camaguey, Cuba".
Census1 June 1915Milton Popple Tilley appeared in the household of Herbert Charles Tilley in the census 1 June 1915 at Rye Beach Avenue in Rye, Westchester County, New York. Herbert is listed as Herbert C (Head, age 55, b. US, poultry dealer, own account)
Nevada B. (wife, 55, b. US, housework)
Milton P. (son, 33, architect, own account)
Arnold B. (son, age 24, inspector, bolt and nut factory)
Herbert C., Jr. (son, age 23, bookkeeper)
Essie W. (daughter, 21, asst. to doctor)
Lawrence S. (son, 20, carpenter)
Gladys B. (daughter, 12, no occupation)
Brown Esmeralda (sister-in-law, 51)
Tilley, Elizabeth A. (Daughter-in-law, age 24)
Tilley, Herbert C 3rd (grandchild, age 1)
Marriage22 September 1917Milton Popple Tilley and Winifred Lulu Holly were married on 22 September 1917 in Newport News, VA,
Newspaper Mention25 October 1918The 25 October 1918 edition of the Newport Mercury, Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island, reported that Milton Tilley was elected mayor of Nitrate City. "Milton Tilley, Native of Newport, to be Chief Executive of Nitrate City:

Mr. Milton Tilley, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Tilley, a native of Newport, who spent his early days here and is well remembered by many of his former associates, has been elected mayor of Nitrate City, Ala., a city which is being built by the government at Mussel Shoals in that state, to house the 25,000 employees of the big nitrate plant which is going up there. While the office is as yet more or less mythical, it is expected that within less than a year Mr. Tilley will be the chief executive of a flourishing municipality of 25,500 inhabitants. Nitrate City is situated on the Tennessee river in an attractive and advantageous spot and will become, it is believed, a commercial and manufacturing centre for a large district. Within a short distance of the nitrate plant will be located a big government powder plant.

Mr. Tilley is an architect and has been employed for the past 18 months by the contracting firm of Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co., in a number of big construction jobs, having been stationed at Newport News, Va., and later at Sheffield, Ala., where the government is building a large water power plant. For several months he has been superintending the work of building Nitrate City, being in charge of the construction, and as the city increased in size and it became evident that some sort of civil government must be installed a plan was devised for the prospective control of the place. An election was held to choose municipal officers and Mr. Tilley was an easy victor in the race for the mayoralty.

Mr. Tilley is a young man, of the draft age, but has proved so valuable to the government in his present capacity that he will undoubtedly be kept there permanently. A little more than a year ago, he married Miss Winifred Holly of Rye, N.Y., where he and his parents reside."1
Census1920He appeared in the census 1920 at 124 North Street in Rye, Westchester County, New York. Milton is listed as: Milton P. Tilley (Head, rents, age 38, b. RI, Architect, Buildings)
Winifred H. (Wife, age 29, b. New York, parents Connecticut)
Henry R. (Son, 8 months, b. New York)

124 is the left side of a half double, not far from Greenwood Union Cemetery.
Census1930He appeared in the census 1930 at Grinell Street in Jamestown, Newport County, Rhode Island. Milton is listed as:
Census1940He appeared in the census 1940 at West Road in New Canaan, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Milton is listed as: Milton Tilley (Head, rents home, $75, not a farm, age 58, completed high school 4 years, born in Rhode Island, 5 years ago lived in same house, Occupation: __?__ contractor, own business. Looks like Central or Ontial...)
Winifred (Wife, age 50, high school 4 years, born in New York)
Raymond (son, age 20, high school 4 years, born in New York, salesman, auto - __?__ agency)
Winifred N. (daughter, age 17, high school 4 years, born in Illinois)
Celinda (daughter, age 15, high school 3 years, born in Illinois)
John (son, age 11, 6th grade, born in Illinois)
David (son, age 11, 6th grade, born in Illinois)
Resume3 September 1942
Salient Points in Qualifications of
Bald Hill Road,
New Canaan, Conn.

1. Engineer in Charge of Industrial Village, U.S. Nitrate Plant #2 at Muscle Shoals, Alabama in World War No. 1, for Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co. Among others, this particular project was $6,000,000.00.

2. Made the first framing plans for a Complete Cantonment in World War No. 1 and also made the quantity survey of lumber materials for both Camps Stuart and Hill at Newport News, Va. also in World War No. 1, involving 16 million bd. ft. of lumber. Blue prints of this lumber list and framing plans are in applicant's possession and bear his initials as the maker.

3. Conducted a research of all housing projects executed during World War No. 1, for the files of Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co.

4. Superintendent of Construction for Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co. on many jobs including Administration Headquarters and Warehouse #25 at Newport News, Va. costing $4,000,000.00.

5. Tropical experience includes three years designing and supervising construction work in Spanish Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua for United Fruit Co. and speaks, reads and writes some Spanish.

6. Largest single contract executed by applicant's own firm -- fourteen Sorority Houses for Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., a million dollar project. Peak field organization on this work included 176 stone masons, 155 carpenters and 76 laborers on own firm's payroll amounting to $23,500.00, weekly.

7. Was one of five nationally known firms selected to figure the Dyke Stadium for Northwestern University, bid $2,366,000.00.

8. Biggest annual income (all earned in the Engineering and Construction fields):
Year 1924 income $22,800.00
Year 1942 income $11,000.00
Federal Income tax reports were based on these figures.

9. Background includes several years of engineering, specification writing, quantity surveying, estimating, contractual relations, supervision and superintendence of contruction work.

Brief resume of applicant's experience in Engineering and Construction fields on First World War projects and civilian work is immidiately available, adequately supported by plans, specification, estimates, photographs, newspaper articles and other miscellaneous publications, photostatic and carbon copies of letters of commendation. Birth Certificate is obtainable within 48 hours.

10. Received Honorary Award of Merit from U.S. Government in form of certificate and gold medal in recognition of services rendered at Muscle Shoals, Ala. in World War No. 1. Both certificate and medal are in possession of applicant.

11. Member of following:
Society of Colonial Wars - State of New York
Sons of the Revolution - State of New York
Order of the Founders & Patriots - State of New York
Roger Williams Family Association - Rhode Island
Wee Burn Club, Darien, Connecticut (Winter Sports Division)

12. Born at Newport, Rhode Island, January 13, 1882, attended Newport Public Schools, Friends School (now Moses Brown), Providence, R.I. and Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R.I.

13. Among references are:

Mr. John W. Doty
Chairman of the Board
The Foundation Company
New York City

Mr. Edward J. Barber
Chairman of the Board
Barber Steamship Lines
17 Battery Place
New York City

Mr. William C. Esty,
Chairman of the Board
William Esty & Company
100 East 42nd Street
New York City

Henry R. Hayes, Lieut. Colonel, N.A. Retired
New Canaan, Connecticut

Finally: Applicant is in no sense rusty, but on the contrary is very actively engaged at this time in quantity surveying, estimating, designing, drafting and supervising important construction work of his firm.

On September 1, 1942, underwent exhaustive medical examination by Dr. Ralph L. White of New Canaan, Conn., a retired officer in Medical Corp. N.A. during World War No. 1 and was pronounced in excellent physical condition, Doctor's letter to that effect is available.

Not seeking easy berth or meal ticket -- willing and able to undergo military training, go anywhere, do anything in his line, and if given the privilege of serving, no assignment too tough.
Census1950He appeared in the census 1950 at Gerrish Lane in New Canaan, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Milton is listed as: Tilley, Milton P. (Head, age 68, Married, b. Rhode Island, Industrial Engineer, Consultant Engineer)
Winifred H. (wife, age 60, b. New York)
David B. (son, age 21, single, b. Illinois, not employed)
John M. (son, age 21, single, b. Illinois, seeking work, Occupation Radio, Television and Stage Actor, Radio Industry)
Relocation1962In 1962, Milton Popple Tilley moved to Pleasant Valley, Litchfield, Connecticut. where he built a house next to his daughter Linda and family. The house was similar in many ways to their previous house on Gerrish Lane.
Newspaper Mention5 August 1967The 5 August 1967 edition of the Hartford Courant, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, reported their 50th Wedding Anniversary, see attached.
Death5 May 1981He died on 5 May 1981 in Pleasant Valley, Litchfield, Connecticut,
Obituary7 May 19817 May 1981, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, Hartford Courant Obituary: see attached.
Research Note20202020 Rhode Island Surnames. My grandfather was a dedicated genealogist, in the days when that meant trips to old graveyards and townhalls poring over dusty records. He left us a
wonderful pedigree chart reaching back in some cases 10 generations. I have entered some of it into my database, but much of it remains to be explored. See attached.

The surnames from his chart, all from the Rhode Island towns of Newport, Portsmouth, Middletown, Tiverton, Little Compton, and a little overflow to Swansea, Rehoboth, or Plymouth Colony, are:

Some of these names we have for 10 generations, some only for 2 or 3. If someone has strong Rhode Island roots, we are most likely genetically related, probably in several ways, and if not genetically, then by marriage.
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  1. [S791] Newport Mercury, Newport, Rhode Island, 25 Oct 1918, p. 1; ()

Winifred Lulu Holly

F, #658, b. 16 March 1890, d. 23 June 1980


FatherAlexander Newman Holly (b. 6 April 1858, d. 19 April 1923)
MotherAnnie Maria Guernsey (b. 28 May 1859, d. 4 March 1911)

Family: Milton Popple Tilley (b. 13 January 1882, d. 5 May 1981)

SonHenry Raymond Tilley+ (b. 8 April 1919, d. 13 March 1956)
DaughterWinifred Nevada Tilley+ (b. 15 March 1923, d. 13 October 2022)
DaughterCelinda Barker Tilley+ (b. 4 August 1924, d. 19 July 2022)
SonDavid Brown Tilley+ (b. 30 October 1928, d. 3 April 1989)
SonJohn Milton Tilley+ (b. 30 October 1928, d. 25 September 2013)
Winifred Lulu Holly
Winifred Lulu Holly
Winifred Holly Tilley.
My grandmother, Winifred Tilley, October 16, 1953.


Birth16 March 1890Winifred Lulu Holly was born on 16 March 1890 in Port Chester, Westchester County, New York.
In household6 January 1905She appeared in the household of Alexander Newman Holly in the census 6 January 1905 at 21 Willett Ave in Port Chester, Westchester County, New York. Alexander is listed as Head of Household, age 47, Carpenter, with wife Annie, age 46, Keeps House, and daughters Margaret, age 23, Book Keeper; Winifred, 15, At School and Annie, 13, At School.1
Newspaper Mention29 June 1905The 29 June 1905 edition of the Port Chester Journal, Port Chester, Westchester County, New York, reported on the students of Port Chester High School who had passed Regents Exams during the week of June 12-16, 1905.

Winifred passed in Physical Geography, Roman History, Greek History, and First Year English. The future husband of her sister Anna, Roy Dearstyne, passed in First Year English, Greek History, and Physical Geography.2
Newspaper Mention25 June 1908The 25 June 1908 edition of the Port Chester Journal, Port Chester, Westchester County, New York, reported on Class Day Exercises for Port Chester High School, for the Class of 1908. 14 Students graduated. For the 4th year, the class had elected Roy Dearstyne as Class President, but "unfortunately he did not return for his Senior year and Winifred Holly was chosen in his place."

After the roll call, "President Winifred Holly addressed the assemblage and the class in tones which were saturated with happiness and confidence.

President's Address:

Classmates, for four years we have worked and studied together, keeping always before us the hope of graduating. At last, we have nearly realized that hope. Before us lies the broad road of our future life, and although much hard work lies along its way, to us it appears fair and pleasant. That is as it should be. We are equipped with four years High School training and to make us ready to meet this work, has been the purpose of our instructors through all the years, from the kindergarten through the High School. It now rests with us, as to whether their efforts have been in vain.

Still, our education is not finished, only begun. No matter what direction our lives take, we will encounter that which will make us stronger, braver, truer. No aim must be too high for us, no barrier to success too strong for us to break down. We must strive, strive always for something better. Remember, classmates, we must add to our characters that which is best in the world. We must never be satisfied with our accomplishments. There is something still nobler for us to do. Phillips Brooks said, "Sad will be the day for any man when he becomes absolutely contented with the life he is living, with the thoughts he is thinking, and the deeds that he is doing; where there is not forever beating at the doors of his soul some great desire to do something larger, which he knows he was meant and made to do, because he is a child of God." We must have a definite purpose in life, and for the fulfillment of that purpose let's take as our standard, Highest, Purest, Best.
Some of us are going away to school, others will remain at home to serve and help those around them. But no matter where we go, or what we do, let us remember our motto, "While we live, let us live." As our Superintendent, Mr. Lantman says, "Let the community be better for our having lived in it. While we work let us have good wholesome work, and when we play, good wholesome play."
We, like Brutus, are ambitious; but remembering Brutus's downfall, we will not be too ambitious. We are not happy girls and boys, and to be true to our training, we must be noble men and women.

"What is noble? This the finer portion of our mind and heart.
Linked to something still diviner, than mere language can impart.
Ever prompting, ever seeing, some improvement yet to plan
To uplift our fellow-being and like man to feel for man.
What is noble? That which places truth in its enfranchised will
Leaving steps like angel traces, that mankind may follow still.
E'en though scorn's malignant glances prove him poorest of his clan,
He's the noble who advances freedom and the cause of man."

Last year, one of our graduates read an essay on "The Value of Little Things" and, oh, of what immense value she proved them to be. Classmates, as the years pass, let us remember little tings and their value. Robert Louis Stevenson said, "The world is full of interesting things, we all ought to be as happy as kings." We will be and no matter what the future holds for us, we will be true to our training in the Port Chester High School."3
Marriage22 September 1917Milton Popple Tilley and she were married on 22 September 1917 in Newport News, VA,
Newspaper Mention5 August 1967She was mentioned in a newspaper report about Milton Popple Tilley when 5 August 1967 edition of the Hartford Courant, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, reported their 50th Wedding Anniversary, see attached.
Death23 June 1980She died on 23 June 1980 in Pleasant Valley, Litchfield, Connecticut,
Obituary26 June 198026 June 1980, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, Hartford Courant Obituary:. Tilley, in Winsted. Mrs. Winifred H. Tilley, 90, of Rt. 181, Pleasant Valley, Barkhamsted, died Monday (June 23) at Winsted Memorial Hospital. Born in Port Chester, N.Y., March 16, 1890, the daughter of the late Alexander and Annie (Guernsey) Holly, she was a resident of New Canaan many years, moving to Pleasant Valley 17 years ago. She was a member of United Methodist Church. She is survived by her husband, Milton P. Tilley; two daughters, Mrs. Winifred Pearsall of Easton, Pa., and Mrs. Carl Winsted of Pleasant Valley; twin sons, John M, Tilley of London, England, and David B. Tilley of Litchfield; 19 grand-children and 15 great-grand-children. A son, Henry R. Tilley, predeceased her. Private funeral services will be at the convenience of the family. There are no calling hours. Memorial contributions may be made to the Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church. The John J. Shea Funeral Home has charge of arrangements.
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